Asante Samuel says he didn’t get “brainwashed” by the Patriot Way like some teammates


Former NFL cornerback Asante Samuel spent his first five seasons in New England, but he says he was never on board with coach Bill Belichick’s program.

Samuel said on the I Am Athlete podcast that many of his teammates in New England bought what Belichick was selling, to their own detriment.

“Some of them be brainwashed with that Patriot Way. I ain’t going for none of that. I don’t know what no Patriot Way is,” Samuel said, via

Samuel played out his four-year rookie contract and then spent one year playing on the franchise tag before leaving for the Eagles in free agency. He said Belichick never wanted to pay him what he was worth.

“All of them is company men, talking about Patriot Way,” Samuel said. “I don’t know none of that. I’m here to get money, take care of my family, the same way Belichick is here to take care of his family, get his money. So when you try to hold my money back and you want all your money, I ain’t got no respect for you.”

Samuel spent four seasons with the Eagles and then finished his career with two seasons with the Falcons.